Fundación Azulado is an Ecuadorian not-for-profit organization whose objective is to prevent child maltreatment and sexual abuse through educational programs directed to parents, teachers, and children. The impact of working with these three groups is powerful and increases the possibility of real change in family and school environments. When teachers, parents, and caregivers change their mentality, the impact over time is enormous. We also provide psychological treatment to children and families who have experienced situations of abuse, thus working on the underlying problem of child abuse in Ecuador.

“It takes an entire village to raise a child”

-African proverb


Since 2011, the AZULADO Foundation has assisted more than 20,000 children and has trained more than 650 teachers from low income schools, through school-based prevention programs. The programs take place during several sessions and have been carried out in the cities of Quito and nearby valleys as well as in Otavalo, Guayllabamba, Manta, Guayaquil, Machachi and now in the area affected by the earthquake of April 2016. Additionally, we have worked with more than 500 parents in parenting programs and we have held talks with more than 6,000 parents.

What we do:


Our mission in FUNDACION AZULADO is to create a society that protects children and treats them with respects and tenderness so they can become confident and integral adults.


Where we work:


We work in elementary and secondary, private and public schools, companies, public institutions, and the community in general, in the development of educational and awareness programs for all types of child abuse and sexual abuse.

  • We work with awareness and with our heart
  • We break barriers and transform myths
  • We grow with conviction of change
  • We are “azulado”, we are by your side

Paulina Ponce

Executive Director

    • Co-founder of Fundacion Azulado
    • Child clinical psychologist
    • Child psychotherapist
    • Master in Education
    • Certified ACT Trainer
    • Certified in Theraplay®
    • Certified in Circle of Security
    • Fundadora de Azulado
    • Publications: Children’s books: “Basta” y “Secretos que incomodan”. (Nominated to Best Children´s Story –  Alas BID Award)
    • More than 15 years of experience in private counseling and psychological assessment at the school level.

Michelle Grunauer

Co-founder of Fundación Azulado

    • Cognitive and behavioral therapist
    • Medical specialist in Critical Medicine, Pulmonology and Mental Health of Children and Family
    • Ph.D. in Medicine
    • Masters in Mental Health for Children and the Family
    • John Hopkins University Professor
    • Dean of the Medicine School – USFQ
    • Co-director of ADAPT
    • Member of the Ecuadorian Academy of Medicine
    • Develops an Integral Caregiving Model focused on the family, that includes critical medicine, mental health, and palliative medicine, and which is pioneering in Ecuador.
    • Publications: Multiple articles in high-impact indexed journals.

María José Sevilla

Co-founder of Fundación Azulado

    • Child clinical psychologist
    • Masters in systemic therapy and child pshychotherapy
    • Certified ACT Trainer
    • Certified in Theraplay®
    • More than 20 years of experience in private counselling, and educational and psychological assessment in schools in Quito.

María Soledad Andrade

    • Teacher Training Coordinator of the program “Mi Escudo”
    • Clinical psychologist
    • Masters in Child Psychologist.

Soledad Ávila

    • Clinical psychologist
    • Masters in intervention, counselling and systemic family therapy
    • University professor
    • Certified ACT Trainer
    • Certified in Theraplay®
    • Founding member of Equiayuda Cia. Ltda.
    • More than 10 years of experience working in individual, family and couples counselling.

Pamela Noboa

    • Clinical psychologist
    • Masters in systemic family therapy
    • Certified ACT Trainer
    • Certified in Theraplay®
    • Executive Director of Clínica Moderna
    • Founding member of Equiayuda Cía. Ltda.
    • Experience in individual, family and couples counselling, as well as communications, family and wellbeing and personal development.

Carolina Lanas

    • Child and adolescent psychotherapist
    • Master in Expressive Arts Therapy
    • Experience working with children and adolescents with socio-emotional problems through private counselling.

Fernanda Baca

    • Master in clinical psychopedagogy
    • Certified Theraplay® Trainer
    • Teacher, student and parent training on various child abuse prevention programs.
    • More than 10 years of experience working with children and adults in the areas of psychology and teaching.

Andrea El Malouf

    • Educational Psychologist
    • Child, adolescent and adult psychotherapist
    • Master in Clinical Psychopedagogy and Behavioral Disorders
    • Experience developing programs on the prevention of child abuse with vulnerable populations and educational institutions, as well as private counselling.

Bernarda Calisto

    • Psychopedagogue
    • Master in the intervention in Learning Difficulties
    • Certified instructor in brain gymnastics “Brain Gym” and Optimal Brain Organization
    • More than 18 years of experience working with children with learning difficulties and behavioral disorders.

Claudia Faini

    • Clinical Psychologist
    • PG in Principles and Techniques on Construtivist Psychotherapy
    • Master in Child and Juvenile Clinical Psychology
    • Certified ACT Trainer
    • Certification and License in Greenspan Floortime
    • Experience working with children and adults with socio-emotional problems through private counselling.

Gabriela Proaño

    • Communication Specialist
    • Master in Systemic Family Therapy
    • Training in Brief Systemic Therapy
    • Active member of the Ecuadorean Association on Systemic Family Therapy
    • Certified Trainer in Situational Leadership and Self-development
    • Neuro-linguistic programming.

Cristina Arguello

    • Psicóloga Clínica de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador.
    • Certificada en Desarrollo Infantil y Atención de la Primera infancia.
    • Certificada en Métodos Proyectivos para detectar Abuso sexual Infantil con títeres.
    • Certificada en Vínculos Saludables y Teoría del Apego.

Gloria Castrillón

    • Psicóloga de la Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín – Colombia.
    • Magister en Educación de la Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre – Brasil.
    • Actualmente labora como psicóloga clínica en consulta privada.
    • Realiza actividades de prevención, intervención y formación en temas de abuso infantil y violencia de género.
    • Actualmente se desempeña como psicóloga clínica en la Fundación Azulado.
    • Miembro del Semillero de Investigación en Discapacidad del Politécnico Colombiano Jaime Isaza Cadavid, Medellín – Colombia.
    • Investigadora en el Núcleo de Psicoanálisis, Educación y Cultura (NUPEC – UFRGS) Porto Alegre – Brasil

Fundación Azulado has impacted since 2010 on:


Kids and girls






Teachers and psychologists trained in Mi Escudo


Patients attended

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