“Our journey may take different paths. It depends a lot on love, company, understanding, decisions, awareness, and clarity. I am one of those persons who decided to be happy even though I had a rough childhood where I was abused. It is really hard to understand violence from the point of view of a 4-year-old, it’s even harder to understand why that violence is directed towards you, when you are defenseless, and there is no one who listens or anywhere to run away. One day you wake up, and you think it is all normal.


Over time I realized that the past will haunt you only if you let it, and that there is only one chance to live, to love, and to laugh.


Convinced that child abuse and violence only teaches fear, distrust, disbelief, to cry and to be unhappy, today I work in Fundación Azulado with love, to help other children understand the real value and meaning of life, without violence, abuse, fear or resentment.”


Cirene, 2015


Fundación Azulado opens its doors to anyone who is brave and committed, and wants to join our work. It can be as an academic training, from an altruistic interest, for personal development, or to understand the reality of our children.


Our programs include a training session for volunteers that want to participate, learn, accompany and give support to psychologists and facilitators from Azulado.


If you want to volunteer, please send us a message from the contact us form