Domestic violence and child sexual abuse are serious problems in Ecuador and the rest of the world. The mandatory quarantine has caused a surge in cases of violence, as family members who live with an abuser are not able to leave their home nor seek assistance.


The National Police respond to calls about domestic violence and are subjected to difficult and painful situations. During the months of March and April, the police received 7,954 emergency calls related to domestic violence.


Police involvement in cases of domestic violence not only exposes them to the corona virus, it raises their on-the-job stress and anxiety levels. This can cause exhaustion, fatigue and emotional stress, which can affect their job performance in stopping violence.


Fundacion Azulado, in working towards the prevention of violence, has developed a project together with the National Police to provide emotional support to officers who come to the aid of the most vulnerable in Ecuador. This includes individual and group psychological accompaniment and assistance for the police officers who find themselves in the first line of defense.

The police need all of us to be on board and rowing in the same direction.

With your donation we can help and take care of those who take care of us.



30 days left


For your donation, as a show of our gratitude, you will receive a digital version of the story “El Rey Bicho” or “The Bug King.” It’s a story about the Coronavirus and the quarantine.

What is the scope of our assistance campaign?

Our focus will be at the national level, and at the international level our campaign will circulate on social networks and media outlets.

How many communities/people are we looking to help and where in the country are they located?

Psychological first aid will be offered to 36,000 police officers through a video created by Fundacion Azulado. This audiovisual material will be available for viewing within the network of police departments. The police force will then be able to contact our foundation via telephone, to receive individual or group psychological support.

How will we invest the donations received?

The funds will be put towards the planning and execution of the project, in two areas of assistance: individual and group support for the National Police, with psychologists who specialize in these areas.

How will we show results for our completed work?

All the work done with the police will be detailed at length: cases of individual and group support, number of calls answered, number of referrals for other areas of need, and the communication of emergencies whenever necessary.

How will we invest the donations if we do not reach our fundraising goal?

The foundation will continue to seek other donations from private companies and individuals. If that still doesn’t allow us to reach our goal, we will assist and support the police as much as possible according to the funds we have available.

About us

Fundacion Azulado is a not-for-profit Ecuadorian organization that has as its objective the prevention of child abuse and child sexual abuse, through educational programs directed at parents, teachers, school administrators, and children. The combination of the work we do and the awareness we create is a powerful way of making positive change in family and school environments.


During the last 8 years, we have impacted and helped more than 30,000 children in Ecuador. With our specialized group of professionals, we have developed pioneering programs and innovative ways to educate and create awareness in the population at large (children and adults) about the effects of abuse and methods for prevention.

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